Lockable storage lockers that complement other storage furniture. The locks are adapted to a master key systems and lockers can be equipped with mail slots and shelves. The lockers are very adaptable and fit in many areas. Standard widths: 310 mm, 605 mm and 900 mm. Standard heights: 723 mm, 1075 mm, 1584 mm, 1936 mm.

See our product film about CombiLine here.

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Width: 310, 605 and 900 mm

Direct Laminated and lacquered surfaces within CombiLine have a chip core, with the exception of some shelves. Back, frame, doors and edging strips have as standard the same color/wood as other parts unless otherwise stated.

Height: 723, 1075, 1584 and 1936 mm


Depth: 370 and 570 mm


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