Kombi shelf

The Kombi shelf is our most adaptable item of storage furniture which can be combined with all products from the CombiLine series. Build as you like from floor to ceiling. Our standard heights are 723 mm, 1075 mm for walls and 880 mm, 1232 mm, 1584 mm, 1936 mm for floors. Standard widths: 310 mm, 605 mm and 900 mm. Use the wall with a wall mounted Kombi shelf and create a unique module by freely combing together with optional accessories.

See our product film about CombiLine here.

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Width: 310, 605 and 900 mm

Direct Laminated and lacquered surfaces within CombiLine have a chip core, with the exception of some shelves. Back, frame, doors and edging strips have as standard the same color/wood as other parts unless otherwise stated.

Height: 723, 880, 1075, 1232, 1584 and 1936 mm


Depth: 370 mm

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