Kite mini recycling bin

Kite mini recycling bin is perfect for under desks, hotel rooms or smaller conference rooms.

Kite, has taken its name as well as its appearance from the geometric form of a kite. The straight angles give a bold and exciting expression, and at the same time harmonize with the room and its shape. The unique form holds angles of 60 °, 90 ° and 120 ° which makes it ideal to place in corners with varying angles. Kite mini builds on the same form and is an exact copy of Kite, but in a reduced size. This gives a clear “family feeling” and a uniform expression. Kite mini is intended for smaller spaces like under desks, hotel rooms or smaller conference rooms. There is also a wall mount for the Kite mini, which means that it can be placed on the wall. As single or in pairs to free floor space.

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Design: Studio Doms

  • Colors
  • Dimensions & Materials

Width: 250 mm

Frame is made of shock-resistant powder coated steel

Height: 355 mm

Lid in a vacuum foiled MDF

Depth: 245 mm

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