With sustainability as part of our DNA

We at TreCe want to make it easy for our customers to make sustainable choices. Therefore, we place great importance on developing products with low environmental impact, high quality and manufactured under fair conditions.

How does TreCe work to reduce the impact on the outside world from our products?

We feel a major responsibility for both environmentally friendly and long-term sustainable products. Right from the start we have focused on sustainability, it is in our DNA. Today we attach as much importance to sustainability as to the economic factor in choice of everything from materials to partners. As we do not manufacture our products ourselves, the choice of partners becomes vital together with a transparency throughout the chain even the more important.

Because we place high demands on ourselves for reducing our environmental and social impact, we naturally make the same demands on our partners. All in order for our customers to feel confident that they make a sustainable choice when choosing our products.

Under Download, you will find certificates and our environmental and quality policies. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Sara Shakespeare
Head of Environment and Sustainability 
Tel +46-11-21 14 66


An approved piece of furniture gives us and our customers a peace of mind and assurance that the piece of furniture meets the requirements on environment, is made in accordance with the United Nations code of conduct and comply with standards of quality/safety in public and office environments. That is why we are happy to inform you that our entire CombiLine-range is certified according to the New Möbelfakta: a complete reference and labelling system for furniture developed by the Swedish Furniture Industry Association (TMF).


The label that applies to all white UV lacquered, laminated and veneered products include both technical and environmental, and production ethical standards, reflecting our vision of sustainable development.

Read more about Möbelfakta on their website http://www.mobelfakta.se/

ISO 14001 & 9001

TreCe is certified according to ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015.

ISO 14001 is an environmental management system to improve and rationalize environmental work. Through environmental impact assessment, environmental goals and routines, an active environmental work is created, which in turn reduces our ecological footprint.

ISO 9001 shows that we work both internally and externally with continuous improvements, routines and monitoring that ensures the quality of our products and services. In short, that our customers and partners always get the best possible service.

Environmental declarations

To create an open and vibrant environmental work TreCe decided to create environmental declarations based on a life-cycle perspective. The idea of environmental declarations is to facilitate the purchase of eco-friendly furniture. The Declaration lists the components and materials the furniture consists of, environmental issues at the production stage and how the furniture should be recycled in the best way.