The winner of TreCe Storing Award 2017

There has been an awards ceremony at TreCe’s Showroom in Stockholm. After the jury’s deliberation and the publics vote on TreCe’s website it was clear that Elisabeth Ulander from Luleå University had won first prize for her contribution FJÄLL.

Motivation of the jury:
Elisabeth Ulander has through her contribution FJÄLL created a flexible storage furniture for public areas with high functionality, which is aesthetically pleasing.
Material choices evokes the Nordic region and the piece gives a sense of quality.

TreCe Storing Award 2018 has begun and contestants contributions have begun to flow in. The final date for submission and other important information that you should know in order to compete, can be found on TreCe Storing Award 2018.


In photo from the left: Martin Larsson och John Carnock from TreCe, David Dooms from Skapa Design Studio, Elisabeth Ulander, Carouschka Streijffert, Anders Renström CEO at TreCe and Michael Henricson, TreCe


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