The winner of the TreCe Storing Award 2017.

Fjäll is a stylish storage piece that can be placed in both small and large spaces, as it can stand alone or many together. It is a piece of furniture with a stable and minimalist design language, inspired by Scandinavia.
Fjäll’s base design has a straight, respective diagonal long side. Fjäll is a concept based on honest, solid and environmentally friendly materials. All frames and fronts are in the basic design, lacquered MDF. Fjäll is a top quality piece of furniture where the greatest importance has been to combine aesthetics, function and smart storage, continuously with its users in focus.Choose any NCS color on frames and fronts. Fjäll is fitted with shelves and back in white direct laminate.

Design: Elisabeth Ulander

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Frame och fronts: 16 mm

Fronts and frame are in MDF

Leg height: 160 mm

Ben: Solid ash

Depth: 396 mm

Inside: 3 compartments and hook

Recommended lock type: RFID.

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