Cloud is a mobile recycling piece of furniture designed to fit into a modern work environment where flexibility and aesthetics are two key factors. This is reflected in the simple and classy design with the characteristic rounded corners and the bold wheels that invite you to move Cloud around. With inlets from both sides, Cloud can be placed against a wall or in the middle of a room. Cloud is equipped with doors that make emptying very easy, there is also a lip on the inside of each door that leads waste into the bag. Custom designed symbols on the doors and back. By the option of choosing color and symbols, Cloud can be adapted to different types of environments and needs.

  • Inlet from two directions, front (door) and rear
  • Fitted lip on the inside of the door that leads waste into the bag
  • Fixed back, front opens- Designed for 85-125 liter bags
  • Three white pull-out bag holders included
  • Load capacity per wheel: 80 kg
  • Black wheels with rubber surface, height: 100 mm
  • Cloud 3 has an extra wheel (5 in total)
  • Two of the wheels have a brake and all are turnable


Cloud has won first prize in the German Design Award 2019, Excellent Product Design in the category office furniture/environment sorting, read more here.

Design: Ebba Hellberg and Sigrid Ljungström

  • Colors
  • Dimensions & Materials
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Width Cloud 2: 787 mm

Width Cloud 3: 1172 mm

Height: 1090 mm

Frame: Lacquered MDF, thickness 16 mm - 11 standard colors

Depth: 500 mm

Frame: Direct laminate, thickness 16 mm - Light gray (U12188) or Anthracite (U12011)

Wheel height: 100 mm

Doors: Powder coated steel, thickness 3 mm - 11 standard colors

Capacity/wheel: 80 kg. Material: Black wheels with rubber surface. Two of the wheels have breaks and all are turnable.

Three white pull-out sackholders are included, fits 85–125 liter bags


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