Recycling units and waste bins

Källsortering är en viktig del av att skapa en hållbar arbetsmiljö. Sopsortering är viktigt eftersom det hjälper till att minska mängden avfall som skickas till förorenade deponier och gör det möjligt för återvinningsmaterial att tas om hand och användas på ett mer hållbart sätt. Detta bidrar till att bevara naturresurser, minska miljöpåverkan och främja en hållbar utveckling. Källsortering är också en enkel och praktisk metod för att bidra till att hålla vår planet ren och frisk.

We have developed a range of award-winning and aesthetically pleasing source separation furniture to make it easy and convenient for employees to sort their waste.


You can find all of our recycling products below with a short description. If you want to know more about a specific product, click on the image of the product to go to the product page.



11-13 liters, floor + wall

KLOSS Mini fits well next to desks, at or under tables, on walls and between furniture. A brand new accessory to the KLOSS system is the leg stand, designed to group and elevate small friendly sorting stations without heavy shading. Suitable as standalone islands in corridors or as small recycling units next to sofas, armchairs and benches in seating areas.



32-25 liters, floor + wall

KLOSS Mini fits well next to desks, at or under tables, on walls and between furniture. A brand new accessory to the KLOSS system is the leg stand, designed to group and elevate small friendly sorting stations without heavy shading. Suitable as standalone islands in corridors or as small recycling units next to sofas, armchairs and benches in seating areas.

Fem olivfärgade moduler KLOSS runt ett hörn


65-68 liters, floor + wall

KLOSS is a big and very flexible, modular system for recycling. Three different steel modules provide endless possibilities for combinations and formal expressions. The choice of modules and composition, together with the choice of colour, top, lid and accessories - gives recycling system its final form and expression.

Etage olika moduler


80-135 liters, floor
Etage kulörer

Etage is unique with its elegant design and multiple levels that efficiently utilise the floor space in small spaces. It is made from carefully selected materials and is a practical and stylish piece of recycling furniture. The frame of Etage is made from oak veneer and bent to shape and is available in three colour options - mocca stain, oak or white stain. Now also available as a top-loaded waste sorting furniture, which can be used for sorting waste or growing plants.


125 liters, floor

Hightower is part of a new range of waste bins designed by Jangir Maddadi for indoor and outdoor environments. The frame is made of galvanised sheet steel that can be lacquered in our standard colours or any RAL colour. Inlets on both front and back.


57 liters, floor

A versatile litter bin from TreCe, painted with a high-quality powder coating. The parts made for outdoor use are also rustproofed to withstand the harsh Scandinavian outdoor environment. Inlets are available on both the front and back. Can be used indoors or outdoors.


63 + 43 liters, wall + floor

Birdie recycling made of durable Swedish steel sheet has a unique shape and design that has won several international awards such as the European Product Design Award. Available in 11 standard colors and delivered with specially designed symbols for easy sorting. Can also be mounted on a wall.


140 + 160 liters, floor

Ridge, with its special expression, becomes a different and expressive feature in the modern office. Standing together Ridge creates a feeling of a city skyline. As Ridge has a high finish on all sides It gives the impression of an interior detail, not just a recycling station.


85–125 liter, floor

Cloud is a mobile recycling unit designed to fit into a modern work environment where flexibility and aesthetics are two key factors. With inlets both front and back you can place it against a wall or in the middle of an area. Equipped with doors for easy emptying.


70 liters, floor

A modular recycling bin designed by Annica Doms. Awarded the Red Dot Design Award and the German Design Award for its innovative form. Designed for modular building in different constellations. Kite fits against a wall or as a free-standing accent in the room.

Kite mini

10 liters, wall + floor

Kite mini is intended for smaller spaces, for example under desks, hotel rooms or smaller conference rooms. The unique shape holds angles of 60 °, 90 ° and 120 ° which makes it ideal for placement in corners of varying angles. The Kite mini also has a wall bracket.


23 liters, wall + floor

Hold is a different and functional recycling bin that meet the needs of smaller spaces such as conference rooms, hotel rooms and smaller meeting rooms, which was developed through a collaboration with Tengbom architects. A small and functional bin with a lid that is available in 7 different inlets. Can be mounted on a wall.

Hold mini

7 liters, floor + wall

Hold mini is half the size of its big brother Hold. With only one fraction for sorting, and aims to function as a pure wastebasket in conference rooms, hotel rooms, smaller meeting rooms etc. A small and functional bin with one type of inlet and a small container. Can also be mounted on a wall.


46 + 116 liters, floor

A recycling bin you don't have to hide, but it both enhances and beautifies the environment with its distinctive shape. Butler consists of a fibreglass outer shell with a simple frame of Swedish steel. The shell, which is very shock-resistant, is easy to lift off when changing the waste bag. Butler is perfect for offices, shopping centres, hotels, schools, universities and other public environments.


7 liter, floor

The basis is a stand with a stable base and perforated square holes on the front and back, which you then add to the accessories you think are important to offer your visitors at any height. Bottle holder (750 ml and 1000 ml), holder for Tork M1 paper cassette, Hold mini waste bin and a top sign for your own message (landscape A4).

Recycling station

Combiline, complete combinations

Environmental stations are specially designed for waste sorting in offices, we have selected four pre-combined environmental stations that cover the entire environmental sorting for both large and small offices. Countertop and holes are included in the pre-combined products. You can also create your own station with the help of our Environmental Counters consisting of several modules that can easily be combined together.

Recycling containers and accessories

Complements and accessories for waste sorting perfectly adapted to our products to make their use as simple and easy as possible.

Reference projects

We constantly deliver to companies with high demands on functional recycling solutions. Waste sorting with great flexibility that can easily be customised depending on the need. Quality is important to us and we continue to constantly develop our products to be even better. One proof of this is satisfied customers who return to us and supplement or re-order recycling solutions and waste bins from our wide range of products.

Award-winning design for waste-sorting furniture

Our recycling bins have won several awards for their unique and functional design. Not only are they practical and easy to use, but they are also aesthetically pleasing and can be easily integrated into office interiors.

Multiple storage options

Our recycling furniture offers multiple storage options for different types of waste, such as paper, plastic, glass and metal. This makes it easy for employees to sort their waste correctly.

Easy installation

Our recycling units are easy to install and can be customised to your needs. They can be placed in different office areas, such as the conference room, kitchen or corridor, to make it easy for employees to sort their waste.

Recycling as part of the interior design

Not only are recycling bins a practical solution for managing waste, but it is also an essential part of interior design. It can help create a more sustainable and aesthetically pleasing working environment.

Please contact us today to help you find the right source separation furniture for your office. We look forward to helping you create a more sustainable and aesthetically pleasing work environment.