Recycling office

All in one dust bin and waste can have long been the only sorting used in most offices. Now things are different. Awareness has increased and being able to sort and recycling waste is a must. Our recycling products have been carefully tested for optimal function and user-friendliness. Clear recycling symbols so that you can easily see where to throw your waste. Moisture protection base, rubber mats and other accessories are also available to order.

papperskorg offentliga miljöer kontor hold mini

Waste bin, Hold mini

7 liters, floor + wall

butler waste bin outdoors public environments recycling trece jangir maddadi

Waste bin, Butler

46 + 116 liters, floor

Dispenser stand for hand sanitizer

Dispenser stand, Clean

7 liter, floor

källsortering kontor mobil källsortering cloud offentliga miljöer

Recycling, Cloud

85–125 liter, floor

Birdie papperskorg källsortering offentliga miljöer

Recycling, Birdie

43 + 63 liters, wall + floor

Kite mini papperskorg trece källsortering papperskorgar waste bin kontor recycling

Waste bin, Kite mini

10 liters, wall + floor

Hold papperskorg tengbom trece källsortering papperskorgar waste bin kontor recycling

Waste bin, Hold

23 liters, wall + floor

kontor källsortering Ridge trece recycling bin studio doms papperskorg kontor

Recycling, Ridge

140 + 160 liters, floor

kite källsortering papperskorg kontor avfallshantering kontoret

Waste bin, Kite

70 liters, floor

miljöstationer miljödiskar recycling källsortering waste bin station trece kontor office

Recycling unit

CombiLine, multiple options

miljödiskar miljostationer källsortering förvaringslösningar

Recycling station

Combiline, complete combinations

Referens projects

There are many references you could mention. Well-known companies with high demands on recycling. Malls, large offices with thousands of employees, smaller offices, cinemas, libraries, the list can go on. Satisfied customers who supplement or re-order our products are proof that our products work.

Soundcloud, Berlin

ICA, Stockholm

Aibel, Oslo