Recycling in the office - creating a sustainable and environmentally friendly workplace

Recycling is an important part of creating a sustainable working environment in your office. By actively participating in recycling, you can reduce waste sent to landfill and reuse materials in a more sustainable way.

This promotes the conservation of natural resources, reduces environmental impact and allows you to contribute to sustainable development. Recycling is also an easy way for you to take care of our planet and keep it clean and healthy.

Etage olika moduler

Etage, recycling

22-160 liter, golv
Etage kulörer


KLOSS Mini, recycling

11-13 liters, floor + wall


KLOSS Small, recycling

32-25 liters, floor + wall

Fem olivfärgade moduler KLOSS runt ett hörn

KLOSS, recycling

65-68 liters, floor + wall

Waste bin, Kite

70 liters, floor

Recycling, Cloud

85–125 liter, floor

Recycling, Birdie

43 + 63 liters, wall + floor

Waste bin, Butler

46 + 116 liters, floor

Waste bin, Hold

23 liters, wall + floor

Recycling, Ridge

140 + 160 liters, floor

Recycling station

Combiline, complete combinations

Waste bin, Hold mini

7 liters, floor + wall

Waste bin, Kite mini

10 liters, wall + floor

miljöstationer miljödiskar recycling källsortering waste bin station trece kontor office

Recycling unit

CombiLine, multiple options

Dispenser stand, Clean

7 liter, floor

Reference projects

There are many references you could mention. Well-known companies with high demands on recycling. Malls, large offices with thousands of employees, smaller offices, cinemas, libraries, the list can go on. Satisfied customers who supplement or re-order our products are proof that our products work.

Soundcloud, Berlin

ICA, Stockholm

Aibel, Oslo

Needs in the office

Your office generates different types of waste, from paper and plastic to glass and metal. To manage these types of waste efficiently, you need to have the right system in place for recycling. By properly sorting and separating waste, you can optimise the recycling process and reduce the burden on landfills.

Efficient recycling solutions

To facilitate recycling in your office, you need access to appropriate recycling bins and containers. There are various options to choose from, such as recycling bins in different sizes and colours to suit different needs and environments.

By investing in easy-to-use and aesthetically pleasing bins, you can create a more engaging and participatory workplace where recycling becomes a natural part of your daily routine. This is why we have chosen to get involved in the design of our bins. We value a tidy workplace, so we want recycling to be something everyone is proud to have on display.

The benefits of recycling in the office

By implementing an effective recycling practice in your office, you can benefit from many advantages.

Firstly, you reduce your environmental impact by recycling materials instead of sending them to landfills. This helps to conserve natural resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In addition, recycling in your office can improve your company's image as an environmentally conscious organisation and attract both customers and talented employees who share your values.

Implementation and follow-up

To successfully implement recycling in your office, you need to engage all staff and provide clear guidance and training. By communicating the benefits and providing practical tips, you can motivate everyone to participate in the recycling initiative. Regular monitoring and evaluation are also important to ensure that the system is working effectively and to identify any areas for improvement. You can organise workshops, update the guidelines and collaborate with external organisations for additional support and expertise.

By introducing recycling in your office, you can make a real difference to our environment and create a sustainable workplace that you can be proud of. By taking this step, you show your commitment to reducing waste and conserving natural resources. Together we can contribute to a better future for ourselves and future generations!