Reference: Arlanda Express, Stockholm

arlanda express papperskorg kite källsortering

Waste bin Kite stands proud on the platform of Arlanda Express

Arlanda Express is the fastest way to get from Central to Arlanda Airport, in just 18 minutes you are there. The seven express trains that run the track transport passengers back and forth from all over the world. Since each train can accommodate 200 people and travels every 10 minutes, there needs to be solutions for recycling and waste handling.

TreCe's solution is the waste bin Kite that stands proud on the platform. As a passing traveler, you can now do your bit and recycle with the help of the clear symbols on the lids.

How was Kite adapted?
Kite consists of a frame and a lid, the frame was powder coated in RAL colors that match the color of the trains. The lids were equipped with locks.