Reference project: Mall of Scandinavia

Recycling units that fit in the shopping areas all levels

Over 100,000 square meters, 224 shops and over 20 restaurants Mall of Scandinavia is Sweden’s largest mall based in Solna, Stockholm.

On November 12, 2015 Mall of Scandinavia opened its doors for the first time. A record number were there at the opening and in less than six months, the mall has had 5 million visitors.

TreCe was asked to supply recycling units that could fit in the shopping areas all levels – our solution was recycling units Kite and Birdie.

Inside the mall Kite fits in like a glove. Kite was adjusted in height to create an exciting variety and easy sorting of paper, bottles and residual waste.

Kite also has a dual function in the mall, the base is also used as pots for plants – neat and simple.

Birdie, our newest addition to the recycling units, beautifully keep Mall of Scandinavia’s garage clean. Again, a special solution in collaboration with architects and designers, which resulted in a neat tailored Birdie, perfect for its purpose.


We at TreCe are happy to have been a part of Mall of Scandinavia and wish many happy shopping hours!