We are experts in storage and recycling solutions for offices and the public spaces

Our furniture is based on great flexibility and function. We create solutions for the modern as well as for the activity-based office, where flexibility, user-friendliness and design play an important role.

We are committed to reducing our climate footprint, as a result, many of our products approved by Möbelfakta.

Discover the possibilities with our unique range.

We have a complete storage range that covers the entire office.

The CombiLine series is based on great flexibility and function and there are also many products to choose from. In addition, the entire CombiLine is approved according to Möbelfakta. In short, this gives you endless possibilities that are also sustainable.

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förvaringsfack combiline förvaringslösningar personlig förvaring

Personal storage

Storage lockers specially adapted for offices and public environments, approved according to Möbelfakta.

A storage series that gives you a wide range of possibilities. Doors with seamless fronts in MDF as standard in all NCS colors.

For the activity-based office and for people on the go.