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Kite mini recycling bin

Kite mini recycling bin is perfect for under desks, hotel rooms or smaller conference rooms.

Kite, has taken its name as well as its appearance from the geometric form of a kite. The straight angles give a bold and exciting expression, and at the same time harmonize with the room and its shape. The unique form holds angles of 60 °, 90 ° and 120 ° which makes it ideal to place in corners with varying angles. Kite mini builds on the same form and is an exact copy of Kite, but in a reduced size. This gives a clear “family feeling” and a uniform expression. Kite mini is intended for smaller spaces like under desks, hotel rooms or smaller conference rooms. There is also a wall mount for the Kite mini, which means that it can be placed on the wall. As single or in pairs to free floor space.

Download the product PDF here>>


TreCe’s products on show at NeoCon in Chicago

The fair is going on right now between June 10 to 12 in Chicago, USA. Scandinavian Spaces, one of the US’s leading ambassadors in Nordic design, has recently chosen us as a partner. Exciting, rewarding and fun – especially Anders and Martin who are there!

Every year since 1969, the Neocon Fair has been at The Mart in Chicago. NeoCon is the obvious place for the design industry to launch new and innovative products, and where exhibition visitors and exhibitors come from all over the world. This year is also the 50th anniversary and our waste bin Kite is nominated for “Best of NeoCon”. The jury consists of architects and designers, representatives from the business and education sector, health and medical care and government leaders who are responsible for choosing and buying furniture and furnishings for their customers or organizations. Read more about Neocon here.

Read more about NeoCon here.




Office backoack trece

News – Office Backpack

Office Backpack – 2 in 1, Office bag and backpack for those who want a bag that works both around and outside the office. Now you can organize, store and move your office supplies and laptop with Office Backpack. Needled felt with 7 percent wool and leather details.

– Store and move your things safely, waterproof, ergonomic and with style. Shape and adjust the size of the backpack according to what you carry with push-buttons and magnetic locking. The backpack’s leather details are untreated which creates a beautiful patina over time.

– In all weathers
An integrated rain cover is located in the bottom of the backpack and it’s easy to pull over too. No need to worry that things will get wet as it sits in place with an elastic band hem. You can also place the backpack down anywhere as the bottom is water resistant.

Sustainability & Material

  • The felt meets Oekotex 100, class I (Products for children up to 3 years)
  • Untreated leather
  • Free from prohibited azo dyes, carcinogenic and allergenic dyes, phthalates, formaldehyde, pesticides, heavy metals, certain chlorine and tin organics, biologically active products and flame retardants.

For more information view Product information PDF.

The Award winning Cloud – a result of a successful student collaboration

A contributing factor to TreCe’s constant development of innovative design solutions is our recurring collaboration with design students. Cloud recycling is a well-praised example, developed together with the Chalmers students Ebba Hellberg and Sigrid Ljungström. Read a short interview with Ebba and Sigrid where they give their picture of our cooperation.

At TreCe, we attach great importance to seeking new influences in our product development. We see it as a must for being at the forefront. The collaboration with Ebba Hellberg and Sigrid Ljungström, students at the design and product development program at Chalmers University of Technology, gave us not only great inspiration but also a fantastic product. Cloud has quickly developed into a product family and recently won first prize in the German Design Award 2019, Excellent Product Design in the category office furniture / environmental sorting.

Here Ebba and Sigrid give their views on the cooperation and development of Cloud.

How did you start to work with TreCe?

We contacted TreCe for our degree project with the hope of designing a piece of furniture together with a partner who had as much passion and drive as us, and we found just that in TreCe. We liked the style of TreCe’s products, and already from the first meeting we felt they were very enthusiastic and believed in the project and had as us the goal that it would become a real product. We simply got a good feeling.

Tell us about the process leading up to Cloud being introduced in the range spring 2018.

The need for a flexible recycling furniture came up early in the process. It is an interesting product that is right in time, with today’s focus on sustainability and activity-based office environments. After extensive background work on research and a user study, we presented four design proposals. Of these, Cloud was selected as a favorite.

We developed dimensions, materials and technical details for a prototype that fits in with TreCe’s product range. Focus has always been on problem solving and we have had free hands to, with our expert knowledge from the education, choose the design process that works best for us and the product, during this time TreCe has been present and involved in everything from brainstorming to technical issues and interviews. It has been a winning concept and led to a successful prototype that TreCe chose to exhibit at the Furniture Fair 2018 – where it was greatly appreciated.

Thanks to the success of the prototype, Cloud was introduced to the market in April 2018. Our project ended with the prototype but we were involved and supported TreCe in various decisions even in the production phase, which we greatly appreciate.

What do you think established furniture companies gain from collaborating with students?

Students have the latest and freshest knowledge of design, see things with new eyes, have a perspective and curiosity to put their knowledge to the test. The collaboration can be what defines the student’s future career, which means a willingness to deliver a good job.

What opportunities do you see for students working with an established furniture company?

It gives an insight into how it is to produce a product that is actually going to be sold, it must be both producible and profit-driven, but also in how a company works. Especially when you, in our case, collaborate with a smaller company and have contact with all roles – from CEO to product manager. We have seen all the different sides of what is required for a product to work.

How do you view the collaboration with TreCe?

In addition to the possibility of gathering knowledge from all different employees at TreCe, we have appreciated the commitment we have met. They saw potential in both the product and in us as designers. It has been super cool to get an insight into the entire development process from idea to an actual product. The fact that we also won a prize for the first real product that we have designed feels absolutely fantastic! The prize is a confirmation of what unexpected collaborations can lead to and we are so grateful that TreCe dared to invest in us.

What has the cooperation meant to you?

The project has given us valuable lessons that are rewarding no matter what we work with in the future. We both know that it will include design in some way. We have also realized that we two complement each other in many ways, it has worked very well and we hope that we can work together again in the future.


Award ceremony German Design Award 2019

Happy winners at the German Design Awards awards ceremony

There were so many talented designers and fantastic products, among them all was also TreCe. Cloud – our recycling piece is one of the winners in the category Excellent Product Design – office furniture. The award ceremony took place in Frankfurt and in this picture we have our talented designers; Sigrid Ljungström and Ebba Hellberg and Marketing Director Michael Henricson.

trece furniture fair 2019

Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair 2019

Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair 2019 is in full swing! This year, TreCe presents a lot of news. Interesting combinations of Space and CombiLine, the Office bag has received new family members, our award-winning Cloud which is now also available as 2 standing in exciting materials, Place has got a new look, Box (winner of the TreCe Storing Award) has a world premiere, Fjäll in new material etc.. Yes as you can see, the list is long.
We look forward to showing all the news and having a chat over a cup of coffee, or so. There is also a new product catalog, which is waiting to be picked up.
Welcome to us in stand A08:10.




New-Office Pouch & Sleeve

Office Pouch and Sleeve are two new accessories that nicely store office equipment such as laptops and cables. Pouch and Sleeve belong to the product family office bag Office, are made of needled felt with 7 percent wool and with details in genuine leather.

Office pouch is a small accessory bag that neatly gathers together cables and small things. Sealed with a zip decorated with leather.

Office Sleeve is a computer case with a perfect and tight fit, available in sizes S, M and L. The case has a leather edge at the top that can be closed with velcro. Under the Dimensions & Material tab you can see which size fits your laptop.

  • Office computer sleeve S Fits 13.3″
  • Office computer sleeve M Fits 13.3 “-14.5”
  • Office computer sleeve L Fits 14.5 “-15.6”
sara shakespeare

“With sustainability as part of our DNA”

We at TreCe want to make it easy for our customers to make sustainable choices. Therefore, we attach great importance to optimizing the sustainability of the development and production of our furniture. We have asked four questions to Sara Shakespeare, our environmental and quality manager, about our sustainability work and what the furniture industry can do to jointly achieve long-term change.

How does TreCe work to reduce impact on the outside world from our products?

We feel a major responsibility for both environmentally friendly and long-term sustainable products. Right from the start we have focused on sustainability, it is in our DNA. Today we attach as much importance to sustainability as to the economy when choosing everything from materials to partners. As we do not manufacture our products ourselves, the choice of partners and that there is transparency throughout the chain become even more important. Because we place high demands on ourselves for reducing our environmental and social impact, we naturally make the same demands on our partners. All in order for our customers to feel confident that they make a sustainable choice when choosing our products.

How do we ensure that we meet our sustainability requirements?

We do this in several ways, for example by 80 percent of our products are labeled according Möbelfakta, an industry labeling developed by the TMF. In 2018 we will certify two additional products. The labeling ensures sustainable development through the fact that an approved furniture meets the environmental requirements, is manufactured according to ethical guidelines and complies with current quality specifications. For other products and components we collect safety data sheets and content declarations, which we compile in our own environmental declarations. We are also certified according to quality and environmental management standards ISO 9001: 2015 and 14001: 2015. In order to further ensure sustainability, we require our suppliers to be ISO-certified or otherwise able to prove that they manage the manufacturing in a desirable way. The technical quality is ensured by testing our labeled products at the Technical Research Institute of Sweden.

What opportunities are there for improving the sustainability of the furniture industry in general?

To create long-term change in the industry is a tough nut to crack as the sole player. But if the industry starts to work together for a sustainable development we can achieve a lot. We believe that a key factor is to give sustainability the same priority as a price in the choice of partners, unfortunately, the industry is not right there today. It also means that buyers and customers must take responsibility and demand transparency and put pressure on suppliers regarding environmental and social conditions. When more demands are made, suppliers and the industry are forced to develop in the right direction.

What is the furniture industry’s main challenge for the future?

The next step for both TreCe and the industry as a whole is to find solutions for the circular economy – ie the economy based on a recycling system and reduced resource consumption. For us, for example, a product and its materials are kept in circulation through long-term design, reuse, repair and maintenance. We have just participated in a research and innovation project with Linköping University, Chalmers and Vinnova in resource-efficient production. The results with the methods life cycle and life cycle cost analysis showed that the circular scenario has much less environmental impact as it is cost effective, which is amazing. With joy, we see several initiatives that suggest that this is beginning to find its way into the agenda of decision makers as well as end customers. We at TreCe, like the rest of the industry, need to develop our business models and capture the future and long-term opportunities that circular economy hold. It is a long-term and sustainable investment that we look forward to working with.

To read more about TreCe’s environmental and sustainability work click here.

Winner of German Design Award 2019!

Cloud has won first prize in the German Design Award 2019, Excellent Product Design in the category office furniture/environment sorting. We may not need to tell you how happy we are for this! Of course, we are also pleased to have two talented designers; Ebba Hellberg and Sigrid Ljungström.

The German Design Award is an international design contest featuring designs from all over the world. The purpose of the contest is to discover, present and reward good design and unique solutions.

Cloud is a mobile recycling piece of furniture designed to fit into a modern work environment where flexibility and aesthetics are two key factors. Cloud is equipped with doors for easy emptying. Doors and backs have custom designed environmental symbols and with the option of choosing color and symbols, Cloud can be adapted to different types of environments and needs. The high quality wheels are turnable and lockable.

Cloud is one among several of TreCe’s products that has won international prizes.

Our recycling bins Kite and Birdie are two others. Kite (Design: Annica Doms) won the RedDot Design Award 2012 and Birdie (Design: Studio Doms) won bronze in the European Product Design Award  2017.


Vide – textile box

Store and move you personal belongings with Vide box. Vide is a sturdy textile box in gray needled felt. Available with and without a divider. Convenient handle which makes it easy to move and hold.

Fits Space and Fjäll.

Stuff – cork box

Stuff cork box keeps small items in order. Designed to meet the need to store small things, which often don’t have a given storage space. Complete with the shelf in white powder coated aluminum. The shelf is attached to the wall and is movable.

Fits Space and the CombiLine-serien

Cloud has been nominated for the German Design Award 2019!

The German Design Award is an international design contest featuring designs from all over the world. The purpose of the contest is to discover, present and reward good design and unique solutions.

A renowned 45-member jury judges the contributions in the various categories. Cloud is competing in the Excellent Product Design category within the segment of environmental sorting.

We are proud to compete with Cloud and look forward to the jury’s opinion. Both we and our customers think it’s an excellent product. It has an innovative design and features that suit most needs.

If you would like to know more, click on the links about German Design Award and Cloud.

Välkommen tillbaka Susanne!

Susanne Abrandt will be back at TreCe next week. Susanne will be responsible for TreCes support department. After her parental leave together with the little jewels Vera and Hugo, we really look forward to having her back in the crew.

Susanne Abrandt
Tel +46-11-21 14 63



The winner of the TreCe Storing Award 2017.

Fjäll is a stylish storage piece that can be placed in both small and large spaces, as it can stand alone or many together. It is a piece of furniture with a stable and minimalist design language, inspired by Scandinavia.
Fjäll’s base design has a straight, respective diagonal long side. Fjäll is a concept based on honest, solid and environmentally friendly materials. All frames and fronts are in the basic design, lacquered MDF. Fjäll is a top quality piece of furniture where the greatest importance has been to combine aesthetics, function and smart storage, continuously with its users in focus.Choose any NCS color on frames and fronts. Fjäll is fitted with shelves and back in white direct laminate.

2018 TSA winner

The TreCe Storing Award is an award that gives young designers the chance to complete and fulfil an idea in the storage segment. It is also the only design contest that focuses on the form and function of storage solutions, just like us at TreCe.

The winner of the 2018 competition is Petter Sjögren – Carl Malmsten Furniture Studies.

The jury’s statement reads:
“With a focus on storage, Petter has created a simple, flexible and customizable piece of furniture that can easily be changed as needed and also work as an individual part or assembled together. A furniture piece that is also adapted to the activity-based modern office”

Design: Petter Sjögren

The idea was to create a flexible storage piece that invites creative solutions. The user has the opportunity to influence its design. The result became a stackable shelf system that can easily be moved and also used as a space divider. Sound-absorbing material on the back of the box contributes to a better working environment.

The contest contribution we be shown at our stand A15: 10 at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair – welcome and congratulations Petter!

Welcome to our stand

Between 6-10 February we will be exhibiting at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair!

Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair is the world’s leading event for Scandinavian design and you can find us at stand A15:10.

This year we will among other things be presenting two brand new products – welcome!



Put your own touch with handles and knobs.

  • As standard, we have stainless steel handles, c/c 128 mm.
  • In addition, we have smaller grip handles, Slim, 40 mm.
  • If you would like other handles with the same drill division, we recommend Edge and Lip or other handles at 


Martin Larsson och John Carnock från Trece, David Dooms från Skapa Designstudio, Elisabeth Ulander, Carouschka Streijffert, Anders Renström VD TreCe och Michael Henricson, TreCe

The winner of TreCe Storing Award 2017

There has been an awards ceremony at TreCe’s Showroom in Stockholm. After the jury’s deliberation and the publics vote on TreCe’s website it was clear that Elisabeth Ulander from Luleå University had won first prize for her contribution FJÄLL.

Motivation of the jury:
Elisabeth Ulander has through her contribution FJÄLL created a flexible storage furniture for public areas with high functionality, which is aesthetically pleasing.
Material choices evokes the Nordic region and the piece gives a sense of quality.

TreCe Storing Award 2018 has begun and contestants contributions have begun to flow in. The final date for submission and other important information that you should know in order to compete, can be found on TreCe Storing Award 2018.


In photo from the left: Martin Larsson och John Carnock from TreCe, David Dooms from Skapa Design Studio, Elisabeth Ulander, Carouschka Streijffert, Anders Renström CEO at TreCe and Michael Henricson, TreCe

Meet TreCe at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair

Meet TreCe at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair

On 7-11 February 2017 it is time to discover the latest trends in Scandinavian design. Welcome to TreCe’s stand A15: 10 and discuss storage solutions, smart design and look at our great products.



More than thirty well established brands will be showing their latest products in a cozy atmosphere, offering some light finger food, drinks and soft music.

All showrooms will be open from 5.30pm‐10pm.

There will be bus transfers from the Fair to Rosenlundsgatan 40 on the 8th of February, leaving 6.20pm from the east entrance.

Please visit for directions or general information about the companies and contact details.


New CEO at TreCe

New CEO at TreCe

On September 1 st. Anders Renström was appointment as CEO of TreCe. Anders joins us from Kinnarps in Stockholm, where he spent a number of years as sales manager for Kinnarps retail. As a part of TreCes investments there is a major focus on developing new products, enhancing existing products as well as investment in new markets. As part of the plan the present CEO Claes Carnock will take a step back. Claes will be active in the company as chairman of the board, among other things and be involved in product development and the production of new products.


“I want to give a big thank you to TreCe’s customers and partners for many fantastic years together with you. TreCe will also under Ander’s management still be an innovative and flexible company. We will continue to work just as determinedly as before with smart and functional storage solutions and to be the discussion partner of optimal solutions that we have always been. “ – Claes Carnock

TreCe at Hundra Procent

Come and meet us at Hundred Procent

-Malmö September 22

-Göteborg September 27

For each visitor Hundred Percent donates 250 kronor to MSF for each visitor – Yet another reason to come!



Birdie in the magazine Vi i villa

The magazine Vi i Villa acclaimed stylish recycling as one of the trends at the Milan furniture fair this year. Our environment sorting unit Birdie was the guiding light, read more in the August issue of Vi i Villa, page 18.



Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2016

Here is our exhibition stand from Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair – the world’s largest meeting place for Scandinavian furniture and lighting design.

SKAPA design studio – that was behind the design wanted the exhibition stand to be inviting and easy to enter and at the same time comfortable to mingle in. Their aim was also to create room within a room and presenting the furniture in the way they are meant to be used.

It was the premiere screening of our new products Place, Space and Sail. Our products Birdie, Soft, Kite and CombiLine were also shown in the stand.

ridge källsortering miljöstation sortering kontor offentlig miljö


Ridge recycling station, with its special expression, becomes a different and interesting feature in office and public spaces. Standing together Ridge creates a feeling of a city skyline, and can favorably be placed in the middle of a room

An interior detail, not just a recycling station

As Ridge has an equally high finish on all sides, it has the essens of an interior detail, not just a recycling station. Details such as bevelled outer edges and a slight distance between the frame and top shows a feel of quality and detail.

Recycling made easy – customize as needed

A very stable construction that is built of 22 mm MDF and lacquered in 11 standard colors. Ridge is available in two custom-designed versions, one for waste bins and one for hanging bags. The stainless steel ramp for easy access of a 140 liter waste bin is not only a practical detail, but also a part of the design that stands out. Both are easily emptied with the door’s aximate hinges, 180 ° opening. We’ve made sure that, as standard incl. in each Ridge, there is always a ramp, rubber mat and adjustable feet – for extra smooth use and recycling.

Ridge is also available in two heights, low and high. What distinguishes low and high is the slope of the upper frame. Ridge can be ordered with 8 different recycling symbols- depending on the purpose and waste.

Design: Studio Doms

Download the product PDF here>>

Standard colors

Invite to 100% design

Welcome to a professional local meeting place for the industry in the furniture and interior design. Experience the decor, furniture, food, drink and meet männiksorna industrial relaxed and social.

The event is free, but your visit generates 250 kronor to Médecins sans frontières. Learn more and register at

Malmö November 5 | Gothenburg November 12 | Kostandsfritt

Italian evening with Paolo Roberto on 17/9

Stockholm Design District invites you to an Italian experience on 17/9. For an evening transforms the atrium into an Italian trattoria!

Together with one of the most sought after lecturers Paolo Roberto – that excites with their stories and their journey in life – this is a unique opportunity to be inspired for autumn. At the same time, enjoy Italian flavors and meet others in the same industry with our representatives.

The lecture begins at 18:00 since we serve a gemsam seated dinner with Le Zie Pasta where kalvragu served with matching wines and live music.

WHEN: Thursday 17 September at 17:30. WHERE : Rosenlundsgatan 40, Stockholm. RSVP : Last September 10 via . Limited seating – please notify Stockholm Design District at encumbrances.

Arkiv Furu

Compact archive Pine

Complete archive system for efficient storage of large volumes. Compact, robust and easy to handle. Ends and shelves in solid varnished pine. The archive can withstand very high loads – around 100 kg per shelf. If necessary, the archive can be adapted for even greater weights. Choose from steering wheel operation or handles.

Kompaktarkiv Stål

Compact archive Steel

Robust archive for efficient storage of large volumes. Compact, robust and easy to operate. Ends and shelves in steel can handle high loads – 50-120 kg per shelf when evenly distributed. If necessary, the archive can be adapted for even greater weights. Choose from steering wheel operation, electric drive or handles.

Work Island

Flexible piece of furniture with great varieties and service from both sides where one side has drawers that can withstand up to a 50 kg load with full extension and soft closing. Built on a white powder coated sturdy steel frame. Frame and fronts in white. Stainless steel handles as standard.


Worktops in various designs that can be adapted to most products. Here are a few brands we work with Formica, LG Collection and Valchromat.

Contact TreCe if you would like a quoation on countertops in other high pressure laminates or other materials.


Space-efficient cabinets that make use of all square and cubic meters in the office. Available as standard in a white, beech, birch and oak. Or you can choose freely among all NCS colors. Standard widths: 310 mm, 605 mm, 800 mm and 900 mm.

CombiLine Kombihylla

Combi shelf

The Combi shelf is our most adaptable item of storage furniture which can be combined with all products from the CombiLine series. Build as you like from floor to ceiling. Our standard heights are 723 mm, 1075 mm for walls and 880 mm, 1232 mm, 1584 mm, 1936 mm for floors. Standard widths: 310 mm, 605 mm and 900 mm. Use the wall with a wall mounted Combi shelf and create a unique module by freely combing together with optional accessories.

See our product film about CombiLine here.

CombiLine Kontorshylla

Office shelf / cupboard

Shelves and cupboards for storage of large volumes. Can be ordered in any width, height and depth. Possibility to choose glass doors, glass shelves, drawers, file drawers and lighting. Standard heights: 880 mm, 1232 mm, 1584 mm, 1936 mm. Standard width: 605 mm and 800 mm. Standard Depth: 370 mm and 570 mm. Worktops to the lower models are also available as an addition.

See our product film about CombiLine here.

Copy stations, combinations

Ready combined stations consisting of wall cabinets, post shelves and counters. Choose the station that suits you best or combine separate pieces to fit your specific needs. Frames and fronts in white, countertops in F2297. Stainless steel handles are included as standard.. It is also possible to get handles in black or white. All drawers can withstand up to 30 kilos load. Drawers that can withstand up to 50 kilos load are available as accessories.

1. Finished combination as shown consititing of cabinets, wall cupboards and mail shelves. Length 2800 mm.

2. Finished combination as shown consisting of cabinets, wall cupboards, mail shelves and environmental unit. Length 2380 mm. Recycling bin is not included.

3. Finished combination as shown consisting of counters and wall cupboards. Length 1420 mm. Complete the station with a recycling unit.

4. Finished combination as shown, consisting of cabinets, wall cupboards and mail shelves. Length 1220 mm.

Recycling units

Recycling units consisting of several modules that can easily be combined to cover the whole of the company’s waste management. We offer everything from small recycling units with small recycling containers placed in drawers, to a larger units with 240-liter containers. Recycling bins can also be ordered separately in sizes 10-240 liters. The larger units are always equipped with an access ramp in stainless steel.

Recycling stations, combinations

Ready combined recycling stations that cover all waste sorting for both large and small offices. Countertop and disposal slot are available as an option.

1. Complete combination as shown (1020 x 1174 x 760 mm) with disposal slots in the countertop. The station is designed for 190 liter recycling bin/cardboard cart and 19 + 10 liter containers. Recycling bins and cardboard cart are not included.

2. Complete combination as shown (1670 x 1174 x 760 mm) with disposal slots in the countertop. The station is designed for 190 liter recycling bin/cardboard cart and 19 + 10 liter containers. Recycling bins and cardboard cart are not included.

3. Complete combination as shown (970 x 1174 x 600 mm) with disposal slots in the countertop. The station is designed for 140 liter recycling bin/cardboard cart/sack holder and 19 + 10 liter containers. Recycling bins, cardboard cart and sack holder are not included.

4. Complete combination as shown (970 x 1174 x 600 mm) with disposal slots in the countertop. The station is designed for 140 liter recycling bin/cardboard cart and 10, 19 & 60  liter containers. Recycling bins and cardboard cart are not included.

Post sorting

Complete module series for mail sorting. Adaptable to the needs, tastes and preferences of the height or width of the floor or wall with any number of mail shelves. Mail shelves with reach-through capability makes it possible to handle mail from both sides. Mail sorting can be supplemented with more mail shelves for subdivision c/c 64 mm or c/c 32 mm. Standard heights: 371 mm, 723 mm, 1075 mm, 1584 mm, 1936 mm. Standard widths: 310 mm, 605 mm, 900 mm.

See our product film about CombiLine here.

TreCe Ritningshurts

Drawing Cabinet

Drawing cabinets have a white direct laminated frame with white lacquered fronts with stainless steel handles, as standard. Drawers have rails with integrated hubs that make them very easy to work for a functional and versatile storage. Plinth/base, frame and top in white laminate. Drawer fronts in white lacquer NCS S 0500-N.

CombiLine Expo

Magazine shelf Expo

Shelves in black or white steel for exposure of newspapers, books and reference material. Plenty of storage space behind the display areas. Our standard widths are 310 mm, 605 mm and 900 mm.

See our product film about CombiLine here.

CombiLine Vägghylla

Wall shelving/cupboards

Wall-mounted shelves and cabinets function as space-saving alternatives or complements to our floor standing modules. Standard heights: 371 mm, 723 mm, 1075 mm.

See our product film about CombiLine here.

Mail, post storage

Space efficient post storage piece for the new era of post sorting. Mail is available in white or gray and holds space for folders in folio format, a mail inlet for outgoing post, a waste unit and a drawer for office supplies. Custom designed symbols and a 60-liter bin is included.

kontorsväska trece Office bag

Office bag

Office bag – Organize, store and move your office supplies and computer with the office bag Office. Made of needled felt with 7 percent wool with details in leather. Perfect for the activity-based office!

  • Inside: Two main compartments,
  • Inside: Pen holder (leather)
  • Inside: Accessory pocket
  • Business card holder on the front of the bag (leather)
  • Practical shoulder strap


News: Available in two colors, anthracite and light gray.

News: The Office family has grown with Office Pouch and Sleeve, accessories that complement and create smart design.

Space, storage series

Space is a flexible storage series that invites to creative and unique solutions tailored to the everyday needs. Doors with full-surface design in MDF as standard, choose any NCS color after taste and preferences. The frames are also available in any NCS. Choose between three frame heights and two door heights. Let your imagination flow and build your unique solution. Doors are available with cabinet locks (incl. 2 keys), padlock fittings (excl. padlock) or RFID locks.

Give life to storage with custom designed accessories such as adjustable shelves, clothes rails, mirror, hooks, carpets, cork box Stuff and Office products. Approved according to Möbelfakta, a sustainable choice for the environment, made with social responsibility and quality tested.

  • Optional NCS color
  • Doors in full-surface design
  • Accessories custom designed
  • Integrated power inlets for charging laptops/mobile phones


For more information about accessories, see the tab “Accessories” and for the product sheet see the “Downloads” tab.

Soft TreCe

Soft, environment piece

Storage piece in white pigmented ash veneer or lacquered MDF. Both models have the same high quality finish on all sides and come with steady leg stands in white pigmented solid Ash. Made from carefully selected materials with a low environmental impact where all wood material is traceable. See variants on two, three and four storage units. All units are prepared for media storage, with outlets for cables and ventilation.

See our product film about Soft here.


Birdie, recycling

Birdie is a flexible recycling piece made of resistant Swedish steel. Available in 11 standard colors and delivered with specially designed symbols for easy sorting. Birdie is available in two sizes and holds 43 liters (Birdie 500) and 63 liters (Birdie 700), both have soft closing lids. Inlet/ring is made of stable quality plastic and is labeled for recycling according to ISO 11469. Birdie consists of Swedish steel of which 20 % are recycled materials and is lacquered with powder coating, which lowers the environmental impact on the product.

  • Lid has soft-closing
  • Lid in closed position prevents odor,  splash guard in up position
  • Inlet/ ring in plastic, removable for cleaning, dishwasher safe
  • Birdie’s thoughtful design makes it easy to empty
  • Raised bottom edge to prevent liquid leakage


Birdie_EPDA_bin_european product design award

Design: Studio Doms


Kite, recycling

A modulable recycling piece of furniture designed by Annica Doms. Awarded the Red Dot Design Award 2012 for its innovative form. The frame is made of shock-resistant powder coated sheet steel that consists of 20% recycled materials and is available in all RAL colors *. Lid in environmentally friendly vacuum foiled MDF. Designed for modularity in different configurations. Lid in seven different versions with varying cut-outs and milled symbols for different types of waste. Adapted for standard bag of 85-125 liters.


Sail_TreCe_ klädhängare

Sail, Clothes stand

Clothes stand in lacquered steel for several types of hanging – traditionally on knobs, hanging over the rods or with the help of a hanger. Sail is laser cut and has no welding joints. Available in 11 selected RAL colors with accentuating knobs in brass. Sail is also available as wall hung with brackets in the same RAL color.

Sail flooring standing comes in two parts, Sail wall is delivered as one piece with wall brackets, both in a flat package and are easy to assemble.

Place, shelving system

Open shelf system for room division and storage. Made of dark gray powder-coated aluminum with decor shelf in light ash and brass details. Place is a shelving system with endless combination possibilities that can be easily tailored to your specific needs.

Place is available in two shelf widths (361 and 739 mm, excluding end gables) and three different heights (1003, 1433 and 1863 mm) that can be easily assembled and adapted as needed. As a step in TreCe’s continuous environmental work, Place is delivered in flat packages to then easily be mounted in place.


Cloud is a mobile recycling piece of furniture designed to fit into a modern work environment where flexibility and aesthetics are two key factors. This is reflected in the simple and classy design with the characteristic rounded corners and the bold wheels that invite you to move Cloud around. With inlets from both sides, Cloud can be placed against a wall or in the middle of a room. Cloud is equipped with doors that make emptying very easy, there is also a lip on the inside of each door that leads waste into the bag. Custom designed symbols on the doors and back. By the option of choosing color and symbols, Cloud can be adapted to different types of environments and needs.

  • Inlet from two directions, front (door) and rear
  • Fitted lip on the inside of the door that leads waste into the bag
  • Fixed back, front opens- Designed for 85-125 liter bags
  • Three white pull-out bag holders included
  • Load capacity per wheel: 80 kg
  • Black wheels with rubber surface, height: 100 mm
  • Cloud 3 has an extra wheel (5 in total)
  • Two of the wheels have a brake and all are turnable


Cloud has won first prize in the German Design Award 2019, Excellent Product Design in the category office furniture/environment sorting, read more here.


Lockable storage compartments that complement other storage furniture. The locks are adapted to a master key systems and lockers can be equipped with mail slots and shelves. The lockers are very adaptable and fit in many areas. Standard widths: 310 mm, 605 mm and 900 mm. Standard heights: 723 mm, 1075 mm, 1584 mm, 1936 mm.

See our product film about CombiLine here.

CombiLine Klädskåp


Space efficient lockable wardrobes designed to blend into the work environment. Clothing rail and hat shelf are always included by standard. Master key to every lock can be ordered separately. Standard height: 1936 mm.

See our product film about CombiLine here.