At TreCe, we have designed several of our products ourselves. These have in most cases taken shape based on needs we have seen in the market but also from the input that our customers give us.

We have also chosen to collaborate with other designers. This has in several cases proved to be a stroke of luck. With new input, innovative solutions and a fantastic design, we have won international awards.

Jangir Madaddi

Jangir is passionate about creating objects with a strong identity. Every millimeter of his design is contemplated. Each object has its own history. Every product he creates is a beautiful, functional sculpture. He strives to design meaningful products that live on from generation to generation. One ambition is to always create innovative and sustainable products that are functional, beautiful and completely independent of trends.Products that are neither modern nor classic, they are timeless.

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Annica Doms

Designer trained at Luleå University of Technology. During the internship at the architectural firm Ortner & Ortner in Cologne, interest was aroused in rooms, interior design and furniture. In connection with her degree project, Annica came into contact with TreCe and has since designed many products.

Annica's thesis, Trash Kite, was awarded the "Designers' Nobel Prize" Red Dot Design Award for its innovative form and German Design Award Winner 2020. Today, Annica is a design consultant at Studio Doms.

The collaboration with TreCe is based on relevant and well-thought-out design that supports every function, inspired by functional design from the past.

- In every tool, fitting and mechanical solution that each generation has accumulated, there is an ingenious function. The mechanics are at the center and the properties of the material have been cleverly taken advantage of. Manufacturing techniques and joining solutions are so clearly accounted for old things. They are not hidden behind tops and covers, but exposed. Often they are, perhaps for that reason, also so much more beautifully made.

- When everything is analog it helps me to scale away, to think clearly. When the trend reports explode I find my inspiration and color scales where trends don't exist, among the lichens of the rocks, the straw of the field or the flowers of the garden.

Designer and founder of Studio Doms. David has a master's degree in industrial design from Luleå University of Technology and has also studied lighting and luminaire design.

Studio Doms was started in 2010 and the company is today active in the areas of furniture design, product design, design strategy and graphic design. SKAPA can boast a number of design awards, including the German Design Award, the Good Design Award and the Design S.

David Doms finds much of his inspiration by observing people's movements and behaviors in natural environments, often during subway trips. Impressions from reality are important input values in the design process and in the collaboration with TreCe.

- Being a designer means an eternal search for solutions. It is important to understand the user's needs and to meet them with solid design, smart mechanics and utilization of the material's properties. The finished solution must always have a clear raison d'être, to make it easier for the user in everyday life and at the same time fit well into TreCe's range.

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Ebba Hellberg & Sigrid Ljungström

A contributing factor to TreCe's continuous development of innovative design solutions is our recurring collaborations with design students. Recycling Cloud is a wonderful example, developed together with Chalmers students Ebba Hellberg and Sigrid Ljungström.

TreCe attaches great importance to seeking new influences in product development. We see it as a prerequisite for being at the forefront. The collaboration with Ebba Hellberg and Sigrid Ljungström, students in the design and product development program at Chalmers University of Technology, gave us not only great inspiration but also a fantastic product. Cloud has quickly developed into a product family and recently won first prize in the German Design Award 2019, Excellent Product Design in the category office furniture / environmental sorting .