About us

We are one of the leading Nordic suppliers of storage and recycling furniture. We have reached this position by developing continuously. With over fifty years of experience, we have together with our customers managed to collect a lot of knowledge, and through the years we have learned what works. Our long experience along with a strong desire for innovation drives us forward and makes it possible to continually develop new smart design solutions.

Our head office and showroom is located in Norrköping, and we also have showrooms in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Oslo and Helsinki.


TreCe AB was started by Göran Carnock in 1973, around this time TreCe manufactured warehouse and archive shelves in pine.
In 1978, Göran’s two sons Claes and Anders Carnock joined the company. Together with Göran Carnock there were now three Carnocks in the company; hence the name TreCe, the three Cs.Due to the rising demand, the company developed in both size and range and today have a complete storage range for offices and public environments.

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What we do

We work with design as a method for developing new solutions and products. Our development work always starts from the concept Smart design, which means that we look at design from a broader perspective that includes both aesthetics and quality, function and usability.

We have full control of the entire production and can therefore ensure that we meet our high demands on the environment and quality. It also means that we can adapt furniture to our customers ‘ requests, or customize individual products to meet the specific needs of our customers.

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We value our customers’ opinions highly because they provide us with important insights into what products we need to develop in order to meet the market demand. When we start a project, we find it therefore important to investigate the needs and develop a plan for how we can resolve them together. By having close cooperation we can ensure that the customer’s thoughts and ideas are included from the first call to the completed project.

Our collaborations have resulted in quite a few awards, read more about them here 

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