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We want to become part of a world in balance - for a sustainable future

We feel a major responsibility for the environment and to secure a sustainable future. A functioning ecosystem is essential for social welfare and economic development. We are the first generation that can eradicate poverty, and the last that can fight climate change.
That's why we want to become part of world in balance and create conditions and opportunities for sustainable development and circularity.

Our journey in the circular transition has begun, we are developing products with eco-respect, responsible supply chains and circular life. This means respecting ecological limits, natural resources and climate change. Supporting responsible suppliers and investing in sustainable competition on equal terms, where prices are not cut at the expense of people nor the environment. As well as giving products circular life and creating space for circular flows, from the idea to reuse for a sustainable future.

Further down the page you can read more about Möbelfakta, the UN's Global Sustainability Goals and ISO 14001 & 9001.

Why choose TreCe?

We need to act together and now to secure a sustainable future. That's why it's important that everyone does their bit. We are committed to sustainability and are keen to work with customers who share our vision - together we can really make a difference!

Here are some reasons to choose us:

  • 174 unique products approved by Möbelfakta
  • We are certified according to ISO 14001 and 9001
  • We support the UN's Global Sustainability Goals 2030
  • We have the sustainability information in our product sheets
  • We have sustainability goals and policies
  • We use recycled materials
  • We keep track of our suppliers in the supply chain
  • We require the supply chain to operate in accordance with our Code of Conduct 
  • We offer circular solutions
  • Production in Sweden
  • We aim to continuously reduce our ecological footprint

New EU requirements for sorting bio-waste in 2024

From 1 January 2024, requirements for sorting and separate collection of bio-waste from households and businesses apply. The requirements are linked to the introduction of the waste directive (2008/98/EC) Article 22 on bio-waste and means that EU member states must ensure that bio-waste is either separated and material recycled at source, or collected separately and not mixed with other types of waste.

What do the new EU requirements for sorting bio-waste really mean and how does it affect your office?

Read our article on the new EU requirement


An approved product gives us and our customers security and reassurance that the product meets the requirements for the environment, quality and social responsibility. Our entire CombiLine range with white lacquered surfaces and direct laminates in beech, birch and oak are approved by Möbelfakta. Space with white lacquered surfaces and Place are also approved according to Möbelfakta.

What is Möbelfakta?
Möbelfakta is a complete reference and labeling system for furniture owned by IVL Swedish Environmental Institute and Trä- och Möbelföretagen, TMF. Möbelfakta serves as a tool for sustainable choices and is for producers, purchasers, designers, architects, and others who use or work with furniture. An approved product meets Möbelfakta's requirements for environment, quality and responsible supply chains, and is approved for the user environments public spaces, offices and schools.

Production is adapted to the environment at all stages, from raw materials and components to the finished product. The environmental criteria include mandatory material and product requirements. They cover all materials such as wood, metal, finishes, plastics and adhesives. There are also requirements for a range of chemicals that should be minimised or avoided altogether. The requirements also cover the labelling and traceability of the finished product, maintenance and product information, spare parts, recycling and packaging.

For secure and safe furniture with a long technical life. An approved piece of furniture that has met the quality criteria is objectively tested and verified by testings in a laboratory. Our products are covered by three international technical standards that include safety, function, dimensions and surface durability.

SS-EN 14073-2:2004 Safety requirements
SS-EN 16121:2013 + A1:2018 Requirements for strength, durability and safety
SS-EN 12720:2009 + A1:2013 Surface resistance

Responsible supply chains
Conscious producers who work systematically with the supply chain based on social and ethical requirements. For good conditions during production of the furniture and its components. The requirements that are based on the UN Global Compact are developed in line with international principles on working conditions, human rights, labour issues, the environment and corruption. The furniture manufacturer must be able to provide comprehensive documentation that the Möbelfakta criteria for responsible business practices are met.

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We support the Sustainable Development Goals

We have the UN's Global Goals as a starting point, this way we can work actively with the Global Goals and contribute to sustainable development. We have selected five goals that reflect our activities and where we have the best opportunity to make an impact, these goals will be the starting point for our future work over the next 10 years.

Which goals have we chosen?

  • Goal 3 Good Health and Well-being
  • Goal 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • Goal 12 Responsible Consumption and Production
  • Goal 13 Climate Action
  • Goal 15 Ecosystems and Biodiversity

What is the goal for 2030?

By 2030, our products and activities will be adapted in line with our 5 selected goals.

What does this mean for TreCe?

Below you can read a simple summary of how we apply the goals and what they mean to us.

Goal 3 Good Health and Well-being

We as a company must care for and develop our relationships with stakeholders, customers and our employees in order to achieve the best favorable conditions. The products we deliver must contribute to a good and non-toxic working environment.
How do we measure or work with this? 
Customer surveys, customer meetings, employee surveys, employee interviews and for the products VOC/g and the number of products that have water-based varnish.

Goal 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth

We only work with suppliers and subcontractors who share our vision and work according to our Code of Conduct, contribute to sustainable development, have a favorable working environment that is safe and offer equal opportunities.
How do we measure or work with this? 
Supplier assessments, risk analysis suppliers, Code of Conduct

Goal 12 Responsible Consumption and Production

All TreCe employees must be able to make sustainable and long-term choices when we know about products, purchases for the office or staff, and when choosing services
How do we measure or work with this? 
Number of products with recycled materials, circular business solutions, components without unnecessary chemicals, we buy organic food and eco-labeled office materials.

Goal 13 Climate Action

We must build an awareness of climate change, introduce climate measures and climate adaptation in planning.
How do we measure or work with this? 
Schedule digital meetings to reduce travel, product design for circular solutions that enable restoration, replaceable parts and material recycling. Our products must contain recycled material as much as possible. We measure the number of meetings and products that are climate-adapted.

Goal 15 Ecosystems and Biodiversity

We contribute by using certified wood from responsible forestry.
How do we measure or work with this?
We will only use wood materials that come from forestry that are legal and work responsibly, documentation that proves this must always be collected throughout the supply chain. Our goal is to produce a product that is FSC certified, and when we can, we will use recycled materials.

Globala målen trece hållbarhet

ISO 14001 & 9001

TreCe is certified according to ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015.

ISO 14001 is an environmental management system, the requirements of the standard help to proactively identify and understand the environmental aspects of our operations, products and services. A good basis for making our use of resources more efficient and improving our environmental impact.

ISO 9001 demonstrates that we are actively and systematically working on the quality of our products and services. This means that the right thing is done at the right time with the right amount of resources - while at the same time we work continuously with follow-up and improvements. In short, that our customers and partners always receive the best possible support and service.