From the 1st of May, the recycling furniture Etage, by Bernstrand & Borselius, is for sale at TreCe

Etage is a unique product in its form and is based, among other things, on the idea of creating a product that takes up as little floor space as possible. Etage is therefore built at height and has inlets from two sides to be as easily accessible as possible. 

“As the demand for recycling is increasing around the world, it can be challenging to integrate ugly and bulky containers. At the same time, many workplaces don't want to hide their recycling, but rather highlight their company's environmental ambitions. A beautiful recycling station can be placed in more accessible areas instead of being stashed away.” 

Etage has an oak veneer frame in three colour options: natural, mocca stain and white stain. The inlets are made of molded bioplastic. 

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Tre Etage i grupp, två låga och en hög i moccabets