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Popsicle - New product coming soon

We at TreCe have started an exciting collaboration with the designer Jangir Maddadi, who also, like us, works with innovative design for public and private spaces. After the first meeting, it was clear that our visions were the same because both want to create unique characteristic products that are both functional and beautiful. As a result of the collaboration, the product Popsicle was created, but more than that we're not going to reveal yet. Now, however, we'll share a small teaser. But stay tuned for the upcoming launch of Popsicle!

Who is Jangir Maddadi?

Jangir Maddadi with design agency works with timeless design for public and private spaces, interiors and exteriors. Jangir Maddadi Design Bureau is an interdisciplinary design agency specializing in product design, interior architecture and public spaces. They believe in sustainable production and eternal products. Their designs are neither modern nor classic, they are timeless.

Read more about Jangir Maddadi: https://www.jangirmaddadi.se/