Reference project: Niagara - Malmö University

Niagara högskola personlig förvaring
Niagara högskola personlig förvaring
Niagara högskola personlig förvaring

Employees need to store valuables and office supplies in activity-based workplaces

October 16, 2015 Malmö University’s new building Niagara was opened. A project that began with an architectural competition in 2009 as Malmö University needed new premises. Danish Lundgaard & Tranberg won best design. Niagara consists of three interconnected buildings where the tallest building is 53 meters high. 25 000 sq filled with study rooms, teaching rooms and 500 workplaces and space for 4,500 students – a natural meeting place for the entire university.

The staff at Niagara have activity-based workplaces, thus the need for a place for employees to store valuables and office supplies. TreCe’s customized lockers fulfills this purpose- made in white with panels and frames in veneer with RFID Mifare locks. The lockers open with the same card as to the other access systems such as doors and lifts.

The university’s occasional visitors can hang off their jacket and safely store valuables in TreCe’s lockers from our series CombiLine. The lockers are equipped with electronic code locks for easy locking for temporary users.

CombiLine is also in the university’s copy room where environmental units, wall cupboards and cabinets keep everything in order.

From TreCe we thank Malmö University for an exciting project and wish all the luck in the future!

Niagara is certified “Green Building class silver”