New and exciting collaboration with Kauppi & Kauppi

TreCe 50 years! During the anniversary year 2023, a new collaboration with the designer duo Kauppi & Kauppi will be presented, premiering during the Stockholm Furniture Fair. The collaboration has resulted in an innovative and comprehensive collection of modular recycling units. We sat down with Johan and Nina Kauppi to find out more about the ideas behind the collaboration and the new KLOSS design collection.

Tell us about the collaboration with TreCe

Together with TreCe and product manager Åsa Vallentin, we have built a real dream project that has been great fun! Right from the start when TreCe contacted us regarding a collaboration, we have felt warmly welcomed by the company's entire organisation and experienced a mutual openness and curiosity. For our design studio, it has been an exciting and developing experience to start a collaboration with the leading producer of design solutions for recycling and storage in Sweden. The vast expertise built up in the business over its 50-year history has contributed to a delightful design process. The creative dynamics that arise from good processes usually generate good results, and that is certainly true in this collaboration!

We would also like to highlight TreCe ́s excellent relationship with manufacturing partner Tranås Rostfria, who are experts in thin sheet metal processing. Throughout the project, the team has worked closely with engineer Timmy Elfström. Together we have developed several unique design details and production solutions, particularly to give the new KLOSS collection as long a life cycle as possible.


Kauppi & Kauppi och TreCe's produktchef Åsa


What is KLOSS?

The design is inspired by building blocks, one of the first things we play with as children. The vision is that the KLOSS modular system will function in the same way, as creative building blocks for interior designers and architects. We wanted to create a recycling unit that can be close and accessible in all possible situations, and that can help create a good recycling culture.

KLOSS is a vast system where the design idea is based on modularity and being able to freely group, connect, and adapt as needed. Three basic modules with different shapes and characteristics, provide almost endless possibilities for combinations. Each module can be used singly or in groups, placed on legs or wheels, and equipped with a range of different tops and a soft-closing lid. Any set-up that is linked together can be easily regrouped into completely new formations at any time. This creates an extremely flexible and dynamic product that can change over time and continuously adapt to needs, which is important for us designers.

KLOSS has a friendly and subtle design language, which is also reflected in the care for the smallest details that meet the hand. The design can either blend in or take up space, depending on the choice of colour and accessories. The system makes it possible to assemble exactly the form and function required, and in exactly the RAL colour desired. For us designers, it's precisely this combination of simple form and clever functions that is the great innovation - and what makes KLOSS a completely new type of recycling unit!

How have you worked with materials and sustainability in the design process?

In every project we ask ourselves how our design can contribute, and what justifies the production of a new product. The KLOSS system has an obvious function, but is also a message and a call. That's why it was important for us to take great care to adapt the design for good manufacturing and to conserve resources. An initial requirement was that the product must be made of a durable material that gives the product a long life and makes it possible to repair, disassemble and ultimately recycle.

The cold-rolled steel chosen is recognised for its fine surface finish and the fact that it allows tight tolerances in a manufacturing process. This made it possible to create sophisticated yet production-friendly modular shells, which can be joined together using a "click" method. This means that all KLOSS structural components, including shells and bases, can be disassembled and replaced for refurbishment. All the other steel parts such as the bag holder, knob and legs are also manufactured locally in northern Småland, Sweden. The inner container, which prevents leakage and can help reduce the use of bags, is made from 90% recycled ABS plastic in Skåne, Sweden.

We are very happy about the great cooperation with TreCe and their manufacturing partners - it's in these kinds of close encounters that design magic happens. Together we have completed a really exciting design project, where virtually all parts are produced locally in Sweden.

About Kauppi & Kauppi

Kauppi & Kauppi is a design duo working with furniture, lighting and industrial design - from large spatial objects down to objects on the scale of the hand. Nina and Johan have their roots in the south and north of Sweden and both have a Master's degree in Design from HDK, the Academy of Art and Design at the University of Gothenburg. Kauppi & Kauppi's close collaborations with manufacturers have been recognised with several national and international design awards such as the Swedish Design Award, iF Design Award, Best of Year Award, Archiproduct Design Award, Muuuz International Design Awards and several German Design Awards.


Kauppi & Kauppi