Recycling stations

Recycling at the office is a given today and it is important to find a recycling station that has good function, accessibility and design. Among the products you will find solutions for both large and small offices, we offer everything from smaller recycling stations with small container bins placed in drawers, to a larger recycling station with 240-liter containers. Recycling containers can also be ordered separately in sizes 10-240 liters. Larger recycling stations are always equipped with a ramp in stainless steel. Our stations and units fit perfectly together with other office storage, and make recycling and waste sorting a permanent part of the office.

Recycling unit or a recycling station?
Recycling units are individual modules that you can freely combine and make your own solution, available in different sizes, with doors or drawers. We offer everything from smaller units where small containers bins are placed in drawers, to larger units that hold 240-liter containers. Recycling stations are four ready-made combinations in different designs that consist of recycling units that we have put together according to the most popular choices and our expertise. On all recycling stations, worktops and inlets are included.

miljödisk källsortering miljöstationer trece

Recycling unit

CombiLine, multiple options

miljödiskar miljostationer källsortering förvaringslösningar

Recycling station

Combiline, complete combinations

Ridge källsortering papperskorg

Recycling, Ridge

140 + 160 liters, floor

Reference projects

We constantly deliver to companies with high demands on functional storage solutions. Storage with great flexibility that can be easily adapted depending on the need. Most of our furniture is tested and approved according to Möbelfakta. Quality is important to us and we are happy to share our knowledge of how to create the best possible storage solution. Proof of this is satisfied customers who return to us and supplement or re-order storage furniture from our wide product range.

kungsleden referensprojekt kontorsförvaring förvaringssystem trece

Kungsleden, Stockholm

ICA, Stockholm

kopieringsrum kontorsförvaring förvaringslösningar

SAS, Stockholm