Accessories / Personal storage

The Office series consists of a number of different products designed to create storage for your computer, and other office supplies that you want to carry with you in a flexible way. The Office bag together with the Office Backpack, the Office Sleeve laptop case and the Office Pouch accessory bag. All products are made of polyester felt and wool with details in leather. In addition to the mentioned products, there is also Vide. A storage box in felt material with a steel handle for easier handling. Collect your small items in the cork box Stuff, Office bag hanger, which you smartly hang your bag on, and then attach to a table top.

Office bag, Office

Office bag, 19 liters

Laptop Case, Office Sleeve

Office accessories, multiple options

Backpack, Office

Office bag, 15 liters

Pouch bag, Office

Office accessories, multiple options

Cork box, Stuff


Bag hanger, Office