Personal storage

In the modern office with all the different solutions available, it is easy not to have full focus on personal storage. It is not always enough to have everything gathered in an office bag, but good and well-thought-out storage solutions are required there as well. Good lockers with shelves and place for a laptop, mobile phone, bag and other personal items.

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Storage locker, CombiLine

CombiLine, multiple options

Office bags

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Customised Solutions for Modern Offices

In today's modern office environment, it's easy to focus on the big solutions and forget about personal storage. Having everything organised in an office bag isn't always enough - you need smart and thoughtful storage solutions for your personal belongings too. At TreCe, we offer storage cabinets that are perfect for holding everything from computers and mobiles to bags and other personal belongings.

Flexible Storage Cabinets and Modules for Personal Storage

Our Space range includes flexible storage bins and modules that are specially designed to meet your personal storage needs, whether in the office or in public spaces. The Space series is distinguished by its uniform and thoughtful design, and you can choose from different NCS colours for the frames and fronts to suit your aesthetic. Space is not only stylish and functional - it is also sustainable and environmentally friendly, with white Space being Möbelfakta approved and manufactured with social responsibility.

Adaptability and Choice with Modules

The Space series allows you to build your own unique storage solution by combining modules that are specifically designed to fit together. Choose between different heights of the frame and cabinet doors and different accessories. There are also ready-made modules to choose from, including storage cabinets, benches, shoe racks, drawers, wardrobes, and modules with built-in electricity.

Security and Accessories for Personal Storage

To ensure that your personal belongings are safely stored, we offer various locking and closing options for cabinet doors. Choose from RFID electronic locks, code locks, cabinet locks, padlock fittings and push-to-open solutions. We also adapt to networked locks if desired.

For Space cabinets, we offer a variety of accessories to make your personal storage even more functional. From movable shelves and clothes rails to mirrors, hooks, rugs and even electrical outlets for charging computers and mobile phones.

CombiLine Storage Cabinets for Personal Accessories

Our CombiLine storage cabinets are the optimal solution for personal or public storage of your valuables. Customisable and practical, these bins fit into a variety of spaces. With locker locks as standard and adaptation for a master key system, you can be sure that your belongings are safe.

Smart and stylish personalised storage

In addition to our locker solutions, we also offer a range of personalised storage options within the Office range. Here you will find office bags, backpacks, computer cases and accessory bags that combine functionality with style. Our products are made from high-quality materials such as polyester felt and wool with leather details.

With our storage solutions for personalised accessories, we take care of your belongings in a smooth and stylish way. We always strive to offer innovative and customisable solutions that fit in with today's modern working life. Our furniture is not only practical - it is also aesthetically pleasing and of the highest quality.

With TreCe, you get personalised storage that matches your workplace and your way of working. Our experience and commitment ensure that you get the best solutions for your personalised storage. We are proud of our satisfied customers who come back to us to complement their storage needs and create working environments that are both functional and stylish.