Storage shelving for offices and public environments

Storage shelving is essential for any office to organise and maximise workspace. Whether you need to store papers, files or other items, there is a storage shelf to suit your needs. At TreCe, you'll find various storage shelves in different sizes and materials. Our shelves are sturdy, durable and easy to assemble.

We also offer customizable options that can be tailored to your specific needs. Invest in a storage shelf from TreCe and make sure your office stays organized and efficient.

Office shelf

CombiLine, multiple options

Shelf system, Place

Multiple options

Media unit, Soft

Multiple options

Wall shelf/cabinet

CombiLine, multiple options

Kombi shelf

CombiLine, multiple options

Archive shelf pine

Shelf system, multiple options

Wall-mounted shelf

Shelf system, multiple options

Reference projects

We constantly deliver to companies with high demands on functional storage solutions. Storage with great flexibility that can be easily adapted depending on the need. Most of our furniture is tested and approved according to Möbelfakta. Quality is important to us and we are happy to share our knowledge of how to create the best possible storage solutions. Proof of this is satisfied customers who return to us and supplement or re-order storage furniture from our wide product range.

YBC, Stockholm

Robust and durable storage shelving

Our storage shelves are made from high quality, robust and durable materials that make them suitable for offices and public environments. The shelves are durable and can withstand weight, so they're perfect for storing heavy items like books or equipment.

Flexible and adaptable shelving

Flexible and customisable, our storage shelves can quickly adapt to your needs and are available in different widths, heights and depths. Options such as worktops, glass doors, glass shelves and more are available to customise further to find the suitable shelving for your environment as quickly as possible.

Easy assembly and installation

Our shelving systems are easy to assemble and install, so you can quickly and easily create more space and order in your office or another public environment.

Contact us today for help finding the right storage shelving for your office. We look forward to helping you create a more efficient and organized work environment.