We extend the range for Etage

Etage was initially launched at SFF 2023 as a recycling station that was designed to make the most of limited floor space. The station was built with carefully chosen materials and well-considered details that were intended to highlight source sorting and functionality rather than hide them. The environmental concept was incorporated throughout the design. Since its launch, Etage has been recognized with the German Design Award 2024. Now the range is being expanded to include top-loading bins, pots, and new heights.


As the world's requirements for waste sorting increase, it can be challenging to integrate unsightly and bulky containers. However, many workplaces want to showcase their environmental commitments by emphasizing waste sorting. The project began with creating a beautiful wastebasket that maximizes functionality while occupying minimal floor space. The design work started from scratch with an analysis and questioning of the usual methods for solving the problem. Our solution involved carefully selecting materials and focusing on the height of the structure, incorporating multiple stories.

Etage nyheter
Etage nyheter

Design and shape

Etage is a waste sorting unit made of beautiful mocca-stained, clear-lacquered, and white-stained oak veneer. The insets are made of black or white bioplastic, which can be easily wiped off and changed. The bins are angled inwards to make it easy to throw waste in the correct bin. Symbols are placed on the angled surface towards the user to show what is to be thrown. The containers behind the door are made of recycled plastic, which can be easily emptied and hold garbage bags to prevent leaking.
This year, Etage is also available as a top-fed source sorting unit, which makes it easy to sort waste or to integrate plants that clean indoor air. There is a protective metal ring on top of the unit where the symbols are placed, making it easy to clean.
Etage offers four different heights to accommodate varying volumes for different purposes, making it a dynamic source sorting station. To optimize sorting, Etage can be used with insertion from two sides, either with a full or half container, which gives 4 or 6 insertions on a small surface.

Etage can be easily placed in a corner or in the middle of a room. It's a beautiful recycling station that can be placed with better accessibility instead of being stowed away, encouraging more sorting.

Sustainability and materials
• Inserts made of 87% bio-based PLA plastic (sugar cane). Can be easily replaced and recycled.
• Inner container and planter in 80% recycled ABS plastic
• Frame in bentwood, Oak veneer FSC 100%
• The metal details are made of 20% recycled steel with long durability

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