We introduce KLOSS Small and Mini

KLOSS – Introduction

KLOSS is inspired by wooden play blocks for kids, designed by Kauppi & Kauppi for TreCe. Modular recycling bins that can be arranged and rearranged over and over, in creative groups and formations. A functional and adaptable recycling furniture, designed to be accessible in all imaginable interiors and situations - contributing to a good recycling culture everywhere!

The KLOSS concept was first presented in spring 2023, based on three steel modules and a wide range of accessories. With an outstanding modularity and interchangeability, the design has been extensively recognized, earning several international design awards for its innovative and considerate approach.

KLOSS olika storlekar
KLOSS olika storlekar

KLOSS 2024 - New Sizes & Accessories 

In 2024 the KLOSS recycling furniture by TreCe, extends with two new smaller module sizes and several new features - and levels up from being a modular collection to a greater recycling furniture infrastructure. The new additions KLOSS Small and KLOSS Mini will enable waste sorting everywhere - from the largest spaces and interiors to smaller and closer situations. The smaller KLOSS sizes will fit well into all kinds of contexts where sorting furniture are needed, even where space might be limited or where the bins need to harmonize with the overall interior style. KLOSS can blend in or characterize a space depending on the choice of size, composition, color & accessories. 

KLOSS Small and KLOSS Mini are well-suited for placement adjacent to work desks, beside or under tables, on walls and in between furniture. A completely new accessory for the KLOSS system is the frame stand, designed to group and elevate small friendly sorting stations without heavy shadowing. Suitable as freestanding islands in hallways, or as small recycling units next to sofas, lounge chairs and benches in seating areas. KLOSS Small and Mini may be wall-mounted individually or lined up in rows on slender steel brackets, mirroring the option also available for the larger KLOSS bins. 

“The new KLOSS sizes are designed to be close and accessible in every daily situation – preferable within an arm’s reach. The new neat versions are designed for sorting things that are either smaller, or waste that is collected at a much slower pace, like batteries or lightbulbs. Our vision is that there shall be no space too small for sorting with KLOSS, and these new containers are tiny and cute enough to fit in anywhere.” - Kauppi & Kauppi – Kauppi & Kauppi 

KLOSS olika storlekar
KLOSS Small, två kombinationer, sex respektive fyra moduler

The lid program for the new KLOSS Small and Mini models includes fixed soft-closing tops and lids. In every unit there is an integrated bag holder and an additional choice of an inner container in 100% recycled plastic, to prevent leakage or to minimize the use of extra bags. Each module can be used singly or in creative groups. Connected modules can easily be regrouped into new formations at any time. The KLOSS modules are prepared for an interchangeable base program containing adjustment feet, legs, wheels, elevating frame stands and wall mounting brackets. The entire KLOSS system is powder coated in 11 optional standard RAL colors, or in any custom RAL. All parts can be disassembled and repaired, refreshed, refurbished, replaced & recycled. 

“KLOSS is a design that has no particular shape, but any shape! Our design is meant to be combined, performed, and varied endlessly - into in groups, stations, rows, and islands. Super modular, super extensive and super adaptable! KLOSS has an obvious purpose and function, but also carries a sustainability message and encouragement to contribute to a more circular world. “- Kauppi & Kauppi Kauppi & Kauppi 

The extended KLOSS 2024 system, forms and establishes a greater infrastructure for waste sorting and recycling, designed to meet current demands and future needs. KLOSS recycling furniture will serve and help you to fulfill the new EU requirements for sorting bio-waste, introduced in January 2024 - in a smart, stylish, and future-adaptable way. 

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