Recycling public spaces

In recent years, the need for recycling has increased significantly and has become a must in public places and workplaces. Clearly marked bins for optimal sorting, easy to handle for cleaning staff and also mobile devices that can be rolled up to places they are most needed, on special occasions. TreCe has chosen to also look at the aesthetic as well as the function, and has for several years worked with talented designers who, together with us, created products that many have chosen to try to emulate due to the products' innovative functions and design.

Kite papperskorg källsortering

Waste bin, Kite

70 liters, floor

Källsortering Ridge

Recycling, Ridge

140 + 160 liters, floor

Birdie papperskorg källsortering offentliga miljöer

Recycling, Birdie

43 + 63 liters, wall + floor

popsicle waste bin outdoors public environments recycling trece jangir maddadi

Waste bin, Popsicle

57 liters, floor

butler waste bin outdoors public environments recycling trece jangir maddadi

Waste bin, Butler

46 + 116 liters, floor

Dispenser stand for hand sanitizer

Dispenser stand, Clean

7 liter, floor

mobil källsortering cloud offentliga miljöer

Recycling, Cloud

85–125 liter, floor

Kite mini papperskorg trece källsortering papperskorgar waste bin kontor recycling

Waste bin, Kite mini

10 liters, wall + floor

Hold papperskorg källsortering

Waste bin, Hold

23 liters, wall + floor

miljödisk källsortering miljöstationer trece

Recycling unit

CombiLine, multiple options

miljöstationer miljödiskar recycling källsortering waste bin station trece kontor office förvaringslösningar

Recycling station

Combiline, complete combinations

Referens projects

We constantly deliver to companies with high demands on functional storage solutions. Storage with great flexibility that can be easily adapted depending on the need. Most of our furniture is tested and approved according to Möbelfakta. Quality is important to us and we are happy to share our knowledge of how to create the best possible storage solution. Proof of this is satisfied customers who return to us and supplement or re-order storage furniture from our wide product range.

Deichman Bjørvika, Oslo

trece-referens-kite-arlanda-express papperskorg

Arlanda Express, Stockholm