Office bags

In a world where working life is as flexible as it is demanding, the need for practical and functional storage is crucial. TreCe's Office series offers an impressive collection of bags and cases designed to simplify your office life as well as provide you with stylish solutions for carrying your computer and other work materials. All units are made of polyester felt and wool with leather details.

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Office accessories, multiple options

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Versatile office storage solutions

The Office series includes a wide range of bags specifically designed to facilitate your workday. Whether you need an office bag, a backpack, a laptop case, or an accessory bag, we have something for every need. Each bag is made with carefully selected materials for optimal durability and elegance.

Office bag

The Office Bag is the perfect companion for the modern, activity-based office. With multiple compartments for your computer, binders and other work-related items, this office bag is both practical and functional. It is equipped with a comfortable shoulder strap and is available in two stylish colours - anthracite and light grey. Made from a blend of needled felt with 7% wool and 93% polyester, it has subtle details in raw leather that add a touch of class.


The Office Backpack is suitable for those looking for both an office bag and a backpack in one. This backpack makes it easy to organise and transport computers and work materials both in and out of the office. Crafted with careful attention to detail, it features a needled felt with 7% wool and 93% polyester, as well as leather details that will acquire a beautiful patina over time. The integrated backpack bottom includes a rain cover for unexpected weather conditions.

Accessory bag

Office Pouch is a perfect solution for keeping small items like cords, keys and USB sticks organised. This small accessory bag closes securely with a zip that is adorned with leather details. Made from high-quality needled felt with 7% wool and 93% polyester, and details in raw leather, it combines practicality and aesthetics in the best way.

Laptop case

The Office Sleeve is the computer case tailor-made to protect your laptop. It comes in different sizes (S, M and L) and has a leather edge at the top that can be closed with a Velcro fastening. With a stylish design and a quality feel, it fits not only your computer, but also your personal style.

Style and function in harmony

TreCe's Office range offers not only practical office storage solutions, but also an aesthetically pleasing design that fits in with today's modern working life. Each product features carefully selected materials to ensure both quality and durability. Moreover, each product is part of a larger product family that includes office bags and accessories, all created with functionality and minimal impact on the environment in mind.

With TreCe's office bags, you not only get a reliable companion for your working life, but also a stylish accessory to help you stay organised in a busy day. Our solutions are customised to your needs and always strive to deliver both style and function in perfect harmony.