Waste bins

Waste bins have always been a must in offices and other public places. In recent years, requirements have been set that they should be both functional and design-wise appealing. Waste bins have won several awards, both nationally and internationally (German Design Award and Red Dot design etc.) for their innovative form and function and are sold across large parts of the world.

Hightower papperskorg

Waste bin, Hightower

125 liters, floor

Waste bin, Popsicle

57 liters, floor

Recycling, Birdie

63 + 43 liter, vägg + golv

Waste bin, Hold mini

7 liters, floor + wall

Waste bin, Kite

70 liters, floor

Dispenser stand for hand sanitizer

Dispenser stand, Clean

7 liter, floor

Waste bin, Hold

23 liters, wall + floor

Waste bin, Butler

46 + 116 liters, floor

Waste bin, Kite mini

10 liters, wall + floor

Referens projects

Several of our waste bins have become "icons" and can be found in many public places and offices. Often where design and innovative interior design are in focus. A contributing reason is also that the products can easily be combined with each other to create functional recycling.

KTH, Stockholm

Starbucks, Chicago